Wednesday, August 10, 2016

LG WD1410SBW Front Loader-the most ridiculous machine ever invented.

I posted only relatively recently about my new LG WD10471SD6 . I loved this machine to bits.Sadly just 1 year into ownership, it developed a terrible noise while washing. A call to my Good Guys Concierge Service and a technician was sent out. It had developed a noisy motor. Good news was, it was to be replaced under warranty, bad news was, it had been superseded by a new model, one of which had no listing online at all.

I had to choose to upgrade to the new model coming out or exchange for a different brand of machine. Given that my local Good Guys had not a single 10kg washer on the floor and I would have to order sight unseen regardless I decided to upgrade. I was assured this machine was very similar.

3 weeks later it arrived. There was still no mention of it on the LG website and to this day that remains the same.
Upon arrival of the LG WD1410SBW I noticed that NONE of my favourite cycles on my old machine were included. Gone was the 30 minute quick cycle, gone was the 60 minute quick cycle and gone was the time saving function on the remainder of the cycles.
A full load on Cotton with the time saving feature used to take around 1 hour 30 minutes. Not with the WD1410SBW! 2 1/2 hours later, for 1 winter jumper, 2 kids school shirts and some underwear and socks. The machine weighs the clothing and adjusts the amount of water and washing time accordingly. Out of a possible 8 bars, this particular load weighed 3.

A full cycle of 5 towels, 1 bathmat on Allergy ran at a whopping 2 hours and 45 minutes. This was also well below the full load capability and yet left dry spots on a couple of the towels.

The clothes did come out of the machine lovely and fresh, however, as my husband pointed out, they should given the time they took to wash! The lint filter however is pretty tragic. I have 3 kids and 2 cats, the old machine removed most fur and fluff. This one does not. Everything comes out of the machine as fluffy, if not fluffier than it went in (I do sort my clothes according to fibre types so that is not the problem).

This machine also has a habit of getting off balance. It does have a mechanism which supposedly re-balances the load, this adds time to the already long cycle and so far, in 5 loads total, I have had to readjust the load manually 3 times.

I will concede that it does a great job with whites. They are very fresh and very white. Even more so than my old machine. This is perhaps the only thing that is better than my old machine.

Reading the instruction manual I was excited to discover I could download an Android App and use it to download new cycles to my machine. Thinking that my beloved 60 minute cycle might be on there, I went ahead and installed it. Alas it was not.

An email to LG Australia proved fruitless. They knew less about the machine than I did.   I was told to run an "Intensive 60" cycle. This feature does not even exist on this machine. A further live conversation and I was informed, no, this is not an option on this particular machine but I could run an Easy Care Cycle instead.

Reverting to my App, I discovered a section within called "cycle set". Within this is "Saving" and "Wash a Normal Load in 1 hour with Energy Saving". In order to select this cycle I must first load all clothes into the machine, add my powder/detergent, turn the machine on (but don't select any of the cycles!) then open my app, select Cycle Set, Saving and Wash a Normal Load in an hour at which point I have to wave my phone in front of a certain area of my machine to engage the NFC chip! This is hit and miss. Sometimes it picks up immediately, others it takes 2 or 3 goes to get it to read.

To add insult to injury, the cycle starts IMMEDIATELY. No chance to change the spin speed or water temperature and it runs at 40 degrees, which shrinks at least 50% of the clothes my family owns. If you're quick enough, you can quickly jam the machine onto pause and change some of these. The icing on the cake is that this cycle won't save and you can't add it as a favourite, so every time you want to use it, you have to go through this entire process from scratch.

The whole set up is utterly ridiculous and they've definitely gone for gimmick over function with this machine.

The cycles on offer:
Cotton-At least 2 hours
Sports Wear
Dark Wash
Stain Care
Silent Wash
Speed 14 (2kg limit)
Steam Refresh
Allergy Care
Easy Care
Cotton Eco

Many of these cycles do not allow the full 10kgs to be utilized which is not unusual but a 2kg limit in a 10kg machine seems a little silly. Upon filling up the machine causes my pipes to jackhammer in such an alarming way that the entire house shudders. This was not an issue with the previous machine. Not one of them offers the time save feature, all cycles are adjusted automatically by weight.

The App offers a further 13 cycles. Most of these are useless or repeats of what is already on the machine. It is a bonus that when you download these ones, they will remain on the machine under "Download Cycle" until you replace it with another. On offer here is:

Baby Wear (very hot, very long, fine if you have babies, I do not)
Colour Care (isn't this also Dark Wash?)
Deodorization (Isn't this also Steam Refresh?)
Gym Clothes (Sports Wear?)
Jeans (Cottons?)
Kids Wear (for heavy stains, Cottons or Baby Wear?)
Quiet Wash (Silent Wash?)
Rainy Season (for clothes that got rained what?)
Rinse and Spin (halleluja! But um this is already ON the machine! But it gets wiped, for all these other helpful cycles)
Single Garments (Speed 14 anyone?)
Sweat Stain (again Sports Wear?)
and Swimming Wear (okay this one might come in handy sometimes in summer).

What the app does not do, that you would imagine it should, is to let you know where in the cycle the machine is up to when you are elsewhere, or to give a notification upon completion of the cycle. It's like the most obvious things to put in an app were overlooked entirely.
The App offers some promising features, if they ever bother to update it in any way. Given that this machine has been on the market for almost an entire month and they've yet to even add it to their website, my hypothesis is that it's been one big mistake of a release and will quickly be updated again by a model that is actually functional for families. In the meantime I will hope and pray that someone who actually uses a washing machine will update the app sometime in the near future.


  1. Within one day of installing my new WD1410SBW washing machine I'm feeling frustrated by the length of the wash cycles and lack of shorter COLD wash options. Absolutely ridiculous!!!!

  2. Anon, I'm so sorry you got suckered in!! They're absolutely crazy long! A salesman told me they needed to be in order to have my whites come out white, but my whites currently come out brilliantly in a machine that does it in less than half the time that one did!

  3. Hi,
    I came across your review of this machine after putting a deposit for it. So I have called to cancel delivery until I decide what I should do. What is your machines current situation? Is it still that bad?

    1. Hi! I ended up kicking up a big stink with the store who thought it was a replacement for my old machine and was refunded. I purchased a discontinued LG model (WD14130D6) that had the time save feature and have been very happy with it. I don't know why they change the best features of products! LG in particular seem to have good ideas and no idea how to implement them.

      This Fisher and Paykel has good reviews and I think a shorter option wash cycle: however I don't have personal experience with it. I'm glad you could cancel your order but I hope that you find something that works for you!


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