Monday, March 14, 2016

LG WD14071SD6 Front Load Washing Machine.

I have owned the LG WD14071SD6 for 10 months. After having owned an LG front loader that I loved but stupidly got rid of in favour of another well known brand that was a disaster from start to finish, I went back to what had worked so well in the past. And I don't regret it one bit. 
It comes with a 10 year direct drive warranty and 6 motion wash technology (I don't generally buy into lingo used by sales people however I think it actually makes a difference here). Unlike other top loaders I have owned, all wash cycles can be programmed to use the water temperature you wish from 95/60/40/30/ and Cold, the spin speed you wish from 1400/1200/1000/800/600/400/No Spin and most offer Time Save. 

Don't let the photo or the actual size of the drum fool you into thinking it's small. I spent weeks tossing up between this model and another much much larger model (now sold as 15kgs I believe, this is 10 but at the time they weren't allowed to sell anything listed as above 10kgs) but I'm glad I chose this. It's not so big as to dwarf the entire laundry but has ample room for a family of 5 (one very tall husband, 2 adults who go to the gym almost daily and 3 teenage daughters) washing to be done once a week in 2 loads (separated into darks and lights).
 I can honestly say there is nothing much to complain about with this machine. I have waited so long to review it because little annoying things ALWAYS crop up. Not so much with this machine.

There are 12 wash cycles not including a steam refresh cycle that refreshes clothes with steam. These are:
  • Delicate
  • Easy Care
  • Mix
  • Cotton
  • Cotton Eco
  • Sports Wear
  • Duvet
  • Dark Wash
  • Quick 30
  • Wool
  • Intensive 60
  • Silent
  • Allergy Care
  • Refresh
I confess that in the almost year I have owned this machine I have not really branched out much with the cycles. I predominantly use the Cotton Cycle for whites (with Time Save enabled), Dark Wash or Cotton with Time Save for darks and Cotton for towels and linen. Occasionally I have done a smaller load of washing with the 60 minute quick cycle.

It has electronic touch control which is very sensitive and I have on occasion pressed things I didn't mean to while hovering over my decision for too long but it hasn't been a major problem and is easily changed back.
 As is usual with a front loader, without the Time Save function enabled, it's around about 3 hours (approximately) for a full cotton cycle from start to finish, however, it can be programmed with the delayed start so you can fill the machine full of washing at night and wake up to clean fresh washing first thing in the morning.

Unlike front loaders of the past, ample water is used (but not too much, however I have owned front loaders where washing came out of the machine with dry patches). This machine uses technology that weighs the washing in the machine in order to determine the correct amount of water to be used. I was initially VERY worried about this function, having had the dry clothes issue in the past, but not once has it got it wrong.

It releases short bursts of water into the machine while it fills rather than running a full steady stream. I have had washers in the past that on filling, would pour water down the front of the machine out of the front of the detergent drawer due to high water pressure. I have not once had this problem with this machine. 

Lint wise there has not been an issue. It will destroy a missed tissue in a pocket however with as much enthusiasm as a top be warned.

Clothes are coming out smelling fresh and clean (I'd like to say no surprises there, but my past experience tells me that washing machines do not always wash adequately). 

If I had to really pick anything negative about this machine it would be the plastic front on the door (hey, I said if I HAD to). It hasn't broken or aged at all, however I just feel that for an otherwise stylish machine it adds a touch of  cheapness to the overall look. Time will tell if it's a problem but for now it looks as good as the day I purchased it.

A definite winner from LG and I won't hesitate to purchase another of their front loaders in the future when I need to.

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