Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Delonghi Magnifica S-automatic coffee maker

Having owned a manual coffee maker in the past, I was not initially keen on paying more for an automated one. I was perfectly happy drinking my instant short blacks. But the husband insisted and I can honestly say, my short black instant has not been touched since.

He had his heart set on the Delonghi Magnifica S. Admittedly it does not froth the milk for you, you still need a jug and to do that yourself, however we don't want frothy milk in every cup anyway.

The machine itself is stylish and looks good in the kitchen. It does take up a bit of bench space, but not an overwhelming amount and it tucks away nicely in the corner.
The water reservoir is large and contains a water filter. We ended up removing it (the husband killed it trying to descale the machine without the instructions) and honestly, it holds more water this way so we haven't bothered to put a new one in. The machine does use a fair bit of water flushing itself before and after each cup however and we find we generally only get about 4 cups of coffee per tank. It would be nice if it held a little more but it's not horrendous.
The machine lets you know when the water needs refilling. A small issue I have with it is that sometimes it lets you know too late so you press the button to make the coffee and the machine goes ahead and grinds the beans then the water light comes on. At this point you fill it but you have to start the whole cycle again, wasting the beans that you just ground. Other times you have half a cup of coffee and then have to throw it out and start again. It would be nice if the cycle picked up where it left off or warned you a little earlier that there wasn't enough water for a whole cup. You kind of have to keep an eye on it yourself instead of relying on the machine to remind you.
Usage is simple. You pour the beans in top. You can also use ground coffee but you can only put in enough for a single cup at a time and it goes into the area where that small vent is"
Fill the water. Press the single or double button and you have coffee. The preset water levels were a bit low for us but you can adjust them to your liking and the process is again fairly simple. You can change a variety of settings to suit your preferences. As well as the water level you can adjust the water temperature, the grind of your beans and with the dial on the front you can see below, the strength of your coffee from light to strong.
  We have found though, and this is probably my only real gripe about the machine other than the water indicator, that the water level isn't consistent. The first cup of coffee when you make one after the other is ALWAYS 1cm smaller than the one after it. When you make 2 at once by pressing the double button, the coffee on the right is always about 1 1/2 cm lower than the coffee on the left and you have to either scoop some out of the taller of the 2 into the smaller or you end up with one very small coffee and one very large. I'm not sure if this is a result of us having set the water levels differently to the factory settings or a glitch with the machine. Otherwise though, usage is simple and the coffee is lovely. Definitely one of my happy buys. And nothing beats crawling out of bed in the morning and with a simple press of a button having beautiful cafe worthy coffee.

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