Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Remington S7500AU Keratin & Argan Nourish

I've posted before about Remington straighteners. I have owned the Remington Shine Therapy one's for about 4 years now. They've been wonderful. Admittedly they catch the odd bit of hair here and there but not often, they cost me about $60 and leave my hair soft and well....smooth and silky.

I replaced them with the Remington Perfect Glide, which I did not love, nor even like. I kept my Shine Therapy's for another 6 months before embarking upon the great Silver Bullet Keratin 230 debacle (I shall review those later). Again, hair misery.

Then I discovered they had brought out what seemed to be the replacement for my beloved straightener. The Remington S7500AU Keratin and Argon Nourish. $69 I didn't even bother to barter.

I opened the box with a mixture of trepidation and excitement. Oh my, these were pretty! A lovely shining bronze, the plates identical to my all time favourites mentioned above. I plugged them in, silently saying goodbye to my frizzy mess I call hair. Aaaand they wouldn't turn on. 3 full minutes of holding in the on switch, holding down both the + and - buttons, attempting to hold down all 3 at once and it finally jumped into power on mode.

Thinking this a bad start my wariness increased. The promised 30 seconds fast heat up came and went. 50 seconds later they were ready. The first swipe I got 1/3 of the way down before I accidentally hit the minus button, adjusting the temperature. This I did not want. A quick read of the instructions, another 3 attempts to get the lock function to work and I was set to go (again).

190 degrees and my hair was smooth and silky and lovely. BUT that first stroke, I ping. Hair snapping!!! (Noooooo!!!!). I tried again, this time running a comb through as I straightened. The pinging and snapping continued. Devastated I attempted to finish my whole head. There was almost as much snapped hair on the floor as there was on my head! Oh no! I tried everything. Brushing, combing, lowering the heat, holding it differently. NOTHING was stopping this monster from ripping out my hair!

On the plus side, it looked beautiful, but if I continued to use it I would have no hair left to straighten very, VERY quickly.

It was packed up and returned. Review of the Remington Pearl to come (last chance Remington! I've owned your straighteners for years and loved them!)


  1. Ouch ... thanks for the review. It saved me some money and a lot of hassle. Have you found a reliable straightener since then?

    1. Hi Max,

      No problem :) Sadly I have not! I'm still using my old Remington Shine Therapy! I've tried the one in this review, the pearl (which was TERRIBLE despite great reviews everywhere, left my hair like absolute straw, it actually crunched), the silver bullet (barely straightened my hair) and then gave up. It's in the too hard basket although I have been eyeing off the VS Sassoon diamond shine, I can't find much about it yet though :)

  2. I agree with what you have said... both my daughter and I have the same model Remington Shine Therapy s9500 which we both love and works great our curly slightly frizzy hair. Have done everything to try and replace it as we tried other Remington brand straighteners but they were no good. We even managed to track the same model number from overseas hoping it would work as well as our old models but to no avail.... the plates were rough and got caught on our hair (Made from different materials).... Why do Remington have to change their product lines with inferior products... if something is good and works keep it the same and keep producing it from the same manufacturer to ensure consistant quality. The don't realize doing this means they loose customers .... fools

    1. Yeah, I don't get it either. If you're onto a good thing, keep selling it! I'm kind of glad it's not just me though, I was starting to wonder if something had gone wrong with my hair that no straightener seems to do the job anymore without ripping half my hair out or just plain not doing the job they're meant to! I still haven't braved the arduous chore of selecting a new one.


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