Thursday, April 2, 2015

Braun Silk-Epil 5 Epilator-SE5780

I have always purchased Braun epilators. I generally love them. My first one gave me 5 years of hard service, my 2nd (a Braun Silk Epil Xelle) is currently 6 years old and has started to shave more hair than it epilates. So I did my usual obsessive research. I knew what I did want.

It had to be relatively fast.

It had to get short hairs.

It had to be able to be plugged in to the mains power (call me old fashioned but I'm not a fan of spending $200 on something that needs to be replaced 14 months later when the battery starts to fail and you can't get the whole job done in one hit-glaring at you Remington Ladyshave).

A light to help see would be preferable. I can't always sit in the sun.

My research led me to the Braun Silk Epil 5-SE5780. It came with all the attachments and I don't need to worry about the battery.

I cracked it open, happy to have a new epilator. One with a pivoting head that promised to hug my curves and do a better job, one that said less pain and one that had everything I wanted.

It came with a sensitive area cap, facial cap, shaver attachment, efficiency cap, massage head, cooling gel mitt and a bag to keep it all in.

I sat there and tried it straight up with the efficiency cap. The massage head is great for people who haven't epilated before, but I wanted something just a little quicker. Straight off I noticed it revved at half the speed of my old one, even with my old one at low speed. Unsure if this was due to a fault or just how it was I continued.

It generally takes me about 45 minutes to do both entire legs with my old Xelle. An hour and a bit later I was up to my knee's. It required lawn mowing over the same spots over and over and over again. And still, when I got up and moved into the light, there were large patches that had been missed (and I know I went over them more than once).

I decided to give the massaging head a try. I noticed with both that they seemed to sit up a number of millimetres above the tweezer heads. This meant that no shorter hairs could be reached. The box and instructions promised hairs as short as 0.5mm would be removed.

The massaging head was no better. And after a further 10 minutes I finally gave up.

It was returned to the store I purchased it from today.

Sorry Braun. It looks lovely but it simply does not work.

Verdict: Big Fat Fail.

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