Monday, March 23, 2015

Remington S8600AU Perfect Glide Steam Styler.

I can't slam Remington. My previous 3 straighteners have been theirs and have been absolute workhorses. 

Lusting after a Loreal Steampod for the last few months has been rough and the $220 price tag has been the only thing stopping me. Also, have never coughed up more than $100 for a straightener in the past and always been happy with what I bought.

So I did crazy amounts some research, found a few options then stumbled across the Remington Perfect Glide steam Styler. I felt confident I was buying something good, given my past purchases.

Upon opening the box, I was impressed. This is one fancy looking product. Sleek, shiny and pretty with the blue tank and blue digital screen.

 Instructions however were woeful. Yes, it told me how to turn it on, fill up the reservoir with water but that was it. No tips on a recommended temperature for different hair types (range from 180 up to 230), it included 2 plastic heat guards that slide on, it wasn't hard to guess where, however no tips on what exactly they are used for and when.

This styler is supposed to both straighten and curl, no tips on how to do either really. I scoured the website in hopes they might have some more information but no. It was pathetically lacking.

So I went ahead and plugged it in. I let it heat up for the recommended time (4 minutes, that instruction was included) and pressed the plates together 8 times to get the steam going..............aaaaand....NOTHING.

So I tried again. 8 more presses (some getting rather long and tedious) and still NOTHING. NOT..........A.........DAMN.......THING!!!

One last try, vainly hoping I might get some steam to appear, but no. So I went ahead and started straightening thinking I might get lucky in the process.

The results at 180C were less than just okay. I admit, I have rather frizzy hair, but it is very fine and the job these were doing was not even as good at my 4 year old mostly dead straightener. And still no steam.

I bumped the temperature up to 200C thinking the extra heat may help and maybe even get the steam going. Nope. Just as pitiful.

Finally I turned it up once again to maximum, 230C. A few minutes later I FINALLY got some steam. And I use that term loosely. The picture on the box depicts a rather lovely shot of steam shooting off plates, ready to moisturize and protect. What was sputtering out was almost invisible. A few curly tendrils of white crept from the tip of the plates, providing I held them together with force. It certainly wasn't steaming my hair. Instead it felt like the heat of the plates was COOKING my hair.

I lost rather a lot in the process.

What I was left with was meh. It was straight, but not soft, not any shinier than when I use my dead straightener (which I have gone back to for now-this product promised I would get 85% more shine!) and it's certainly not conditioned. It's actually still a little frizzy.

It was returned for a full refund (thank goodness I didn't have to argue in order to get one).

Verdict: Remington Perfect Glide-Big Fat Fail.


  1. Thanx for this honest review, wished I saw your honest review before purchasing and putting my hair through the hassle

    1. Oh I'm sorry you got caught out! It's so frustrating and so many places make it almost impossible to return anything! I hope you managed to get your money back.

  2. Thank you!! You saved me from buying what I thought was a great deal!

  3. Mima, you are welcome! I thought it was a great price when I bought it too and have always loved Remingtons. Sadly the last few I've bought haven't been up to the standards of the old one's and have all left me frizzy, crispy or ripped my hair out.


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